Ciao Bella!

I would be remiss not to write a blog post on the one who makes all things possible as she is my muse and my inspiration..... Bella B! I adopted a hilarious little malti-poo almost 4 years ago. We became fast friends and have never looked back! I rescued her ( btw rescuing is the way to go) and she has paid me back a million times over from the joy she has brought to my life. She is  comical, smart, and ridiculously sassy. As such she lives a fascinating life where she has many roles and serves many purposes. I will discuss a few below. 

  1. Perpetual Politician-Bella is the unofficial mayor of the condo complex where we live because she literally shakes hands and kisses babies (and adults). She is a real people dog. She greets other dogs for the sole purpose of getting to their human parents.  Through her I have met neighbors I wouldn't have known otherwise and my life in my community is richer as a result.  I am her reluctant campaign manager (she threatens to fire me all the time). We don't go on neighborhood walks. We go on campaigning tours. I always tell my boyfriend Bella is up for re-election again so that stroll around the corner may take awhile. Speaking of boyfriend....
  2. Matchmaker-Bella introduced me to my boyfriend 3 1/2 years ago. She decided her life would be enhanced if she had a father figure (this was all about her and not at all about me) so she insisted I take her to Lake Merritt in Oakland so she could pick out a handsome firefighter to serve as her father.  Speaking of Lake Merritt. Bella is also an.......
  3. Accomplished Athlete and Philanthropist - Last November Bella completed a 5k run against Ebola in the pouring rain around Lake Merritt. Since she is the ultimate politician as noted above she cheered for people as they finished the race and clambered at the photo opportunities. Speaking of photographs......Let's not forget that Bella is a......
  4. Professional model and Goodwill Ambassador-Bella has been the subject of every Christmas card I've sent out since I got her. People on my Christmas card list now look forward to it. Her patience and professionalism is astounding.  Most importantly Bella is......
  5. The Ultimate Road Dog and Friend!

Bella and I are looking forward to sharing some of our collected experiences with you. Ciao Bella!!!!

Cultured Americana is HEEEEERRREEEE!!!!

Hello! Ciao! Hola! Welcome to Cultured Americana. The past few weeks I have been working on creating a lifestyle blog about collecting experiences! Who is the the Cultured Americana?  A lover of culture who is passionate about traveling throughout the United States and abroad. I love any place that has a rich history, high art culture, culinary culture and last but not least coffee culture! My philosophy is life is about collecting experiences as experiences are truly the most precious treasures one can own. If a country has the attributes I've listed above, it is high on my priority list. See you this Fall, Spain!

I'm fortunate enough that I live in a cultural mecca known as the Bay Area! When I have no trips planned I can just tour San Francisco, Monterey and the Wine Country to name a few places. 

Besides travel , food and the arts I am passionate about fitness. By day I work in Corporate America but after work I am a high energy fitness instructor! I would love to share all of these adventures with you.  


Teaching Saturday Morning Bodypump Class 

Teaching Saturday Morning Bodypump Class 

This blog is in its infancy so stay tuned as we explore what can be done here! Let's collect experiences, inspire and be inspired! 

-----The Cultured Americana